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Fandalism Offers a Cheaper Solution to Getting Your Music onto iTunes and Spotify


Fandalism is a “social network for musicians” founded by serial entrepreneur Philip Kaplan. Now that in itself isn’t hugely interesting, but they are taking on companies like TuneCore and the recently sold CDBaby and vastly reducing the costs for musicians getting their music onto iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

Rather than charging a set rate per album per year (Tunecore charges $29.99 per album per year), or charging a fee and taking a cut of earnings (CDBaby charges $49 per album and takes a percentage of royalties), Fandalism is doing something very different. They will charge musicians just $19.99 per year for uploading all their songs and back catalogue to these digital services. Or, if you just want to try out the service you can upload one song to these services for free, and in both cases the artist/band keeps 100% of the royalties.

I have long wondered how these aggregation companies were justifying charging a yearly fee or royalties on performing a simple, cheap, and mostly automated service like getting music onto iTunes and Spotify. It was about time someone came in and shook the industry up, and Fandalism looks to be the one to do so.

To make the most of this deal, you do have to sign up for Fandalism, but that’s free and well worth the extra little effort to save yourself money in the long term.

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