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Why every band needs a website


The vast majority of your fans will look to the web to find out about your latest releases and upcoming shows, so it has never been more vital to make sure that you have a website with all that information.

Some bands still make do with just a Facebook page, but while having a Facebook presence is important, the platform is limited in its design and the interaction you can have with your fans. Facebook wants you to spend money advertising on its network, and so limits how many of your fans will see your updates on there – it is far better to have your own site and an email mailing list where you can have complete control.

So now you have decided you need a website – what should you look for? Check out the Greengeeks vs Siteground comparison here?

Look and feel

If you are making the effort to have your own dedicated website for your band, you will want to stand out from the crowd – and that means a beautiful site. Images are key to a create website, so make sure to get a photographer to let you use some of their photos from one of your live shows, and maybe share some behind-the-scenes personal shots as well – images will draw people into your site and let you show your energy on stage and off.

Mobile responsive design

Most people do a large part of their web browsing on their phones or tablets today, so it is important that your site looks great no matter what device someone is using to look at it. The idea that your site will reshape itself into landscape mode for desktops and laptops, while working in portrait mode for smartphones is called “responsive design”, and is a requirement for band and artists websites today.

Ease of use

Websites are only useful if you keep the information up-to-date, and that means you need to be comfortable editing the site yourself. Whether you go down the route of WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or any of the other top 10 website builders, the most important thing is that you learn the ropes and can update the site yourself with your latest tour dates or Soundcloud streams.

Connections and embeds

Websites are mostly images and text, but as a band you really want to focus on the music and that means you want to be able to embed your Soundcloud streams and YouTube videos on your site. Your fans should not have to go onto YouTube or Soundcloud directly to find your music to stream – that should all be right there on your site.

Some web builders like Squarespace and WordPress allow you to simply paste in the URL of a your song on Soundcloud or YouTube, and they will automatically turn this into an embed, while you will need to grab the JavaScript embed code to add the streams to other builders. Other useful embeds and connections to check for would be Spotify, Bandcamp, Songkick, and MailChimp.


I have already mentioned how important it is to have great photographs on your site in general, but a gallery can really show off your live energy and your adoring fans, so make sure that your site builder offers a beautiful gallery that works perfectly on all devices form laptops to iPhones.


Everyone’s fanbase starts off quite small, but the hope is that at some point your song will make the Radio 1 playlist and people will come flooding to your site to find our about your other releases and when they can see you live. You need to be sure that your website can hold up to this kind of spike in traffic, and you won’t be charged a huge fee in the process – check to see how your host or sitebuilder handles traffic.

So, with these points in mind – it’s about time you started getting a digital presence!

Photograph by Breaking The Walls

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