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Best apps for fans of EDM


As a genre and subculture, electronic music has exploded to reach a wide variety of fans around the globe. The genre itself includes thousands of subgenres and iterations that constantly experiment with novel ways to juxtapose sprawling and sometimes scarce soundscapes over electronically-generated beats and rhythms. The individual success of producers and DJs like Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, and SBTRKT has pushed electronic music to new unforeseen heights in popular awareness, selling out major arenas and building up a market now worth billions.


Electronic music fans are always looking for that “new sound”, one which pushes innovation in euphony over popular trends. Web 2.0 forced users to subscribe to newsletters, follow music blogs and scour search engines to find  new music, but on the Mobile Web, that discovery journey has been packaged into the social music sharing app, Soundcloud. Users can follow their favorite artists and groups and engage them socially with comments, likes and shares. Electronic musicians like Trippy Turtle have nourished their careers with Soundcloud, using it as a platform to facilitate growth and reaching new fans around the globe.


Listening to music is exciting, but actually experiencing your favorite sound live can be…erm, electrifying. BandsInTown gives users a snapshot of upcoming performances in and around their area, from sell out acts to local favorites. BandsInTown details all the local bookings and even providing a trend list of top searches.

Noon Pacific

In addition to discovering original singles, electronic music fans love a good extended mix of music, blending multiple tracks into a flow of sound. The streaming music app, Noon Pacific, delivers weekly mixtapes of fresh music curated from the top indie music blogs around the web. Mixtapes are delivered directly to Noon Pacific users as streaming sound and can be shared via social networks.

Resident Advisor

Discovery, trending shows, and fresh mixes all converge in the Resident Advisor app. It started out as a web app and fan forum but Resident Advisor has evolved into something much bigger and now incorporates streaming music, live performance search, social sharing and fan community functionalities. This tool has delivered value to both fans and artists, a point of intersection for listeners looking for music and musicians searching for new fans. Users can listen to an artist’s music, see where they’ll be performing and share with their social networks all from one app.

With the market for electronic music growing exponentially, the demand for tools to deliver new music and promote live performances to the fans has increased rapidly as well. There are many web and mobile apps available for music fans, but none have stood out as the go-to tool thus far. Rather, there a great number of apps available with isolated capabilities well tailored to the needs of electronic music fans. Here are a few of the best apps available for electronic music and its wide fanbase of devoted listeners.

By Daniel Ors

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