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  • Songs about horses

    Country music

    You’d be surprised how many there are!

  • How to hack your music experience

    Girl with headphones

    You listen to music all the time but are you really getting the most from your experience?

  • Why the internet killed the radio star


    Could radio be replaced?

  • What is virtualization?

    MacBook laptop

    When music creators think of virtualization they generally think of the software recreations of their favourite hardware synths and effects, generally created as VST plugins. However, in real “geek-speak” virtualization is something quite different and involves your laptop being a “client” and logging into a desktop or other service hosted on a server. Two very different concepts!

  • How do artists make money today?

    The internet has changed everything and put bands in closer contact with their fans than ever before, but where is the money? The music industry is worth billions of dollars, but musicians are struggling harder than ever to find an income to sustain themselves.