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  • Which classic rock bands have survived into the 21st century?

    Rolling Stones

    Thankfully there are still a few unruly rockers out there who aren’t giving up the ghost just yet, so here’s a look at which stars of the classic rock era are surviving well into the 21st century.

  • Music theory doesn’t have to be boring

    Sheet music/score

    There are far more interesting ways to improve your musicianship than spending hours memorising scales, chords, and key signatures.

  • Advice for aspiring music managers

    Gold records

    Although all good managers should have a passion for music, a passion for music does not automatically qualify you to be a good manager.

  • Learn music: a how-to guide

    Colourful piano

    Learning music is something that can be really fun and worthwhile, and it can also help you to learn a valuable skill in later life.

  • What is Foley?

    Mixing Desk

    Have you ever wondered how in film scenes you can hear the dialogue so clearly, while the background sounds add texture to quieter moments? That is thanks to the techniques developed by Jack Foley – known as Foley effects.