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Women who changed the music industry


Music is one of the world’s great equalisers, but the music industry has long been dominated by men. The rise of the #MeToo movement over the last couple of years has impacted a variety of industries, but special attention has been paid to entertainment – and the music industry is a large part of that.

Men still outnumber women in most areas of the industry, particularly in the studio and the boardroom, but with a new-found focus on the gender gap and related issues, improved equality is on the horizon, and there are numerous women to look up to currently making waves in the charts and behind the scenes.


Beyoncé has done a lot for empowering women, both within the music industry and in the wider world. Never one to shy away from making her mark and getting her seat at a more traditionally man’s table, the former Destiny’s Child singer’s live show’s are legendary, she changed the game by dropping her eponymous fifth album without warning, and her relationship with Jay-Z is one of the few power couples where each half has a similar draw (63 vs 72 Grammy nominations respectively). Hell, she’s even taken on her husband at the poker table at Dewar’s 12 Texas Hold’em Charity Poker Tournament, another traditionally male domain, and likely other online pokies games – she’s got the power more than hold her own and break new boundaries along the way.

Cardi B

The 25-year-old Bronx rapper fought her way from being a tripper and doing Instagram skits to dislodging Taylor Swift from the top of the US charts. She’s an inspiration that shows how it is possible for it doesn’t matter if you are male or female or where you are from – hard graft and a little luck can make you a star. Her singles ‘Bodak Yellow’ and ‘I Like It’ made her the first female rapper to attain multiple number-one songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In a few short years, she went from being a member of the notorious Bloods street gang to a music icon, with diamond jewels and glamorous casino games in the background of her music videos.

Ariana Grande

Renowned as having one of the best voices in music today, Ariana Grande started her life in the spotlight as part of the Victorious children’s television show. Kid’s shows have made many pop stars famous, but it is Grade’s spectacular voice and the way she stepped up after the terror attack on her concert in Manchester in 2017 and proved she is a real star. A true inspiration.

Photograph by Nat Ch Villa

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