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  • Bigger venues offer a very different experience

    Most music fans spend a great deal of time and money visiting dive bars to find great up-and-coming bands and artists. Even when visiting foreign cities, a great live music venue is one of the first things many of us us seek out. As good as these small venues are for finding new bands, the […]

  • Best Handsets Available for Music Lovers

    Sony Xperia Z

    When it comes to music, there are a number of handsets that are perfect for those who love nothing more than listening to their favourite tunes wherever they are.

  • How the internet has changed making and listening to music

    Native Instruments Traktor DJ app

    The internet has completely reshaped the music industry in just a decade, both in terms of how people find and listen to music, and also how musicians interact with each other and write new songs.

  • Why We Shouldn’t Forget Vinyl


    From their evolution from the fragile, cumbersome phonograph cylinders that Edison popularised back in 1877 through to flat, grooved disks we’ve come to know and love, vinyl has something of a special place in our collective hearts.

  • Whitey Slams TV Production Co Betty for Asking to Use His Music for Free


    Television production company Betty may have got more than they bargained for when they attempted to convince independent musician Whitey to let them use his music for free on one of their shows.