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How to make the most of the music when gaming

Smartphone and headphones

Music and sound have always gone hand in hand with gaming. From the alluring chimes of slot machines to the bleeps and dings of apps and video games- these sounds can help to focus our attention, get us excited and the music matches the player to the experience and game environment. Whether a game uses a rudimentary combination of bleeps and bloops or chooses to use an entire orchestra, the sounds and music of games adds to the overall feel and addictiveness of them and is really half the fun. But what can you do to make the most of the sounds and music to improve your gameplay experience? Here are some ideas!

Headphones and speakers

If you’re a fan of music, you’ll already know the importance of good headphones and speakers. But these might not always be usable when it comes to gaming, and so a set especially for your PC, your TV or your phone might be needed depending on the platform you’re gaming on. Once you’ve decided on your preferred gaming platform, find headphones and speakers that work with this to allow you to make the most of the audio. Do plenty of research online, ideally go into a shop that already has them set up so you can listen yourself. As a bit of an audio snob, bad quality speakers or headphones will simply ruin your gaming experience and so it’s not something to scrimp on.

Choice of playing device

If you’re playing on a gaming app, then the sound you can get through (either headphones  a smartphone speaker or the smartphone) will only be as good as the device itself. Older devices can sound tinny, and if you’ve suffered any kind of water damage or the speaker is clogged with debris then it can block the sound as well as distort it. Older gaming PCs can struggle when it comes to running games at all including the sound, so to enjoy the music to your best ability as well as improve the gameplay overall- consider upgrading your device.


While all games will include music of some kind, if you’re into your audio then certain games will be more preferable due to the soundtrack and music they include. Do some research, from detailed information about Final Fantasy 15 app to Halo 5 on xbox and everything in between. If you find the games with excellent music and it will most definitely add to your gaming experience. According to Games Radar, some of the best gaming soundtracks include Persona 4, Secret of Mana and God of War but do search around and see what others have to say. You can listen to clips and elements from the soundtracks on Youtube videos before you invest.

Getting the above factors right will allow you to enjoy a game’s music and audio to it’s full potential and can massively improve your gaming experience.

How do you ensure you’re making the most of the music when it comes to things like games?

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