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How to Keep Track of Your Favourite Band’s Upcoming Gigs

Clock Operation

Everyone has a few bands or artists that they really need to see live – whether that is because they have made your favourite record, or produced the song that reminds you of certain events, or various other reasons. The problem, however, is to keep a constant eye on when they are coming to your local town or city so you don;t miss out on buying tickets.

For the truly committed fanboys and girls, then they are watching the official websites, forums, and checking social media religiously to make sure they are first in line. But for the rest of us the web offers a variety of options.

Ticket Sellers

The ticketing websites themselves such as offer users calendars and tracking “watchlists” so that you will be notified whenever they add any new tickets for events you are interested in to their database, and these are the places to find official information on when tickets may be available so you can make sure you get your name down before they are sold out.


Songkick is the first name that comes to mind when thinking of band tracking services, and is one of the most simple to set up as it can integrate with your iTunes listening habits or account to track the bands you most listen to without you having to add them by name. They also do rather well in tracking some of the lesser known bands and artists who are selling their tickets outside of the bigger platforms.

Bands in Town takes a different approach to Songkick in that they integrate with your Facebook profile rather than sit as a stand alone website and app, but for those who use Facebook as their events calendar this is ideal as the bands it tracks from your iTunes or can show up in your Facebook events calendar.

However you track your favourite bands these days, there really is no excuse for not catching them live!

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