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Where to Find Piano Lessons Online


Learning to play the ivories is a useful skill for any musician whether their future aims are to play a new Steinway in a concert hall, or just quick a way to get the tune out of your head and recorded onto a computer by way of a keyboard.

Having lessons with a talented teacher is always the best way to learn, but lessons can be expensive and the internet has opened up a huge variety of options to those wanting to learn more on their own time, and often for a lot less money. Here’s three of the best options for finding the lessons online:

Piano Marvel – $15/mo

Paino Marvel has a broad curriculum and offers a wide range of features that should hopefully motivate anyone looking to learn how to play. It teaches sight-reading, chords and scales, ear-training, rhythm training, even addin a little gamification to the process – and then offering instant feedback. The only downside is that they focus on older music that is public domain, so you won;t be learning any pop songs.

Playground Sessions – $14.99/mo

Playground Sessions takes the opposite approach to Piano Marvel in that they focus on helping teach people how to play contemporary music – letting the student pick a pop song and then showing them how it is played with instant feedback on performances.

Online Piano School with Christie Peery – $30/mo

Rather than focusing on immediate automatic feedback, Christie Peery offers personalised video lessons and video exchanges so you get many of the benefits of a real teacher but with learning on your own schedule. It may be a little more expensive than the other two above, but it is a much more personal service if that is what you;re looking for.

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