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Any business should think of ways to boost its brand and community awareness. This is a superb way to generate a following of people who are physically able to see you when you perform, for example. It does not matter the size of your business, what matters is how you engage with the people. If you do this in the right way, you will be able to grow and expand as a result. All too often these days, people think that everything can be done online, and while that is true to an extent, there is nothing like getting out in the local community and making a difference that way.

Take advantage of local events

No matter what they are, local events are perfect opportunities for you to get your name out there. Every community has many events every year, and all you need to do is find out where and when they are taking place. So, get in touch with the local council, who should be able to point you in the right direction. Some communities already have Facebook pages, so maybe join that group and find out what people are saying. Once you find out about an event, contact the organiser and request to have a segment or a pitch. You could set up a stall, for example, where you can showcase some of your music. You can also create a hands-on activity for children to enjoy. Being child-friendly is a must when it comes to creating rapport in the community. You may well be asked to play at events for that reason alone. There may even be a chance for you to step on a stage, play a little music, and give the community a talk on your business and how it adds to community cohesion. Playing to audiences that are not specifically attuned to your music can actually raise your musical ability too. All this raises your profile and makes you more accessible.

Build a space for open communication

As a musician, DJ, or whatever brand of music you are into, you may well already have an internal open and honest communication directive as part of your core values. This is because music is to be shared and it helps if your staff are honest with you. Music is all about people. So, maybe you could host an event where you invite members of the community to come along and discuss music in the community as well as other issues that matter to them. That could literally be anything, from bin collection times to traffic, to the town parks. You could also invite other local businesses along to share some of their stories too. The fact of the matter is you need to lead the discussion by creating open and honest participation. Doing this will make you appear warm and engaging. There are many ways you can learn how to run a community engagement project with District CMS. Remember, when you hold an event you need to moderate it to avoid any offence.


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