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Apple Finally Upgrades EarBuds to EarPods

Apple EarPods

Apple makes some of the most desirable gadgetry money can buy, and the increasing power they offer has been a boon to making music on the move. One place where Apple has not upgraded since the launch of the iPod in 2001, however, is the earbuds that come with their devices.

The cheap white earphones may have been a sign that you had an Apple product in your pocket, but the sound has always been terrible. There was a reason you could pick up a knock-off replacement pair on eBay for £2 delivered and they would sound just as good – because the originals were just as cheap to produce. These earbuds did not just produce poor quality audio for the person listening to their iPod or iPhone, but also leaked far too much. These earbuds are the cause of plenty of complaints on pubic transport as everyone around can hear what you’re listening to.

Lucky, then, that Apple has finally deemed the humble earbuds worthy of an upgrade, with the new buds known as “EarPods” which improve both bass, leakage, and fit – so that is a good start. We’ll need to spend more time with them for a proper comparison, and they may still not be as good as the sennheiser CX500s or Klipsch S4s, but the upgrade is certainly welcome.

These EarPods come with all new iPhones, iPod Touches, and even the new range of iPod Nanos. Hopefully this means everyone can hear the music they love more like the musicians intended, and the rest of the world won;t have to hear our guilty pleasures.

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