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5 top tips you should know as an independent musician


Music is an essential component of human life, providing us with soothing and uplifting entertainment for centuries. Everyone appreciates good music, so it’s no secret that the global music industry is a very profitable one. According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the global recorded music industry was worth about $20.2 billion in 2019. With the right talent and opportunity, you can also break through and become a big star in the music industry. Are you keen to learn some tips that will help you on your musical journey? Consider the following points.

1. Use streaming platforms

Statista indicates that the global number of music streaming subscribers reached 400 million in this year’s first quarter. Streaming platforms now have a significant impact on music promotion and discovery, and you should use these platforms to increase your popularity by marketing yourself to many potential new fans. Put your music on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer to reach new fans, expose yourself to opportunities, and potentially earn money. Take inspiration from Ron Pope, who made about $250,000 from Spotify streams alone in 2014 as an independent artist. The most popular artists use the Best wireless earbuds to get a more profound musical experience.

2. Evolve

Many musicians and directors say that evolving as a musician is an excellent way of keeping yourself relevant, so you must try new ways to stand out. The competition is intense because the industry is flooded with so much music today, as anyone can be a digital artist if they wish. Therefore, you should consistently rebrand your artistry according to the times. Try listening to new music on the go with the best wireless earbuds to know what’s trendy and how you can make music that keeps people entertained.

3. Prioritize brand identity and awareness

Establishing your brand is crucial to breaking out as an independent artist. Since you want recognition, invest in a strong brand identity by hiring professional graphic designers to create eye-catching and instantly recognizable images that the public can quickly associate with your music. These logos will feature in all your promotional materials like websites, flyers, t-shirts, etc. You can profit from your branding by marketing merchandise to devoted fans. For Customised Jacket Printing, you can visit Aquaholic Gifts website.

4. Focus on your strengths

Ed Sheeran’s advice is to “Just do you.” Indeed, many successful artists agree that playing to your strengths is an excellent way to be original and attract fans who will love your craft for what it is. Make original music that connects with fans and keep an open mind about other ways to make money. For example, if live performances are your strength, secure occasional gigs at a local venue to expose yourself to new people, and potentially earn more cash.

5. Connect with fans

Fans are the backbone of every successful musician, so you must prioritize building a strong relationship with your fanbase online and in person. For in-person connections, organize live shows as often as possible. You can also leverage social media for fan interaction online by replying to tags and mentions. By creating a connection with your fans, you keep them interested in advancing your career to new heights.

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