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  • Popular romantic songs

    Love music

    Easy access to the internet has enabled more people to download, listen, enjoy, and share good music. According to studies, lyrics are a sweet and romantic way to express your emotions or how you feel about your partner. The lyrics to most love songs are known for working magic among couples who are genuinely in […]

  • What is the best background music for online activities?


    There have been studies that actually show that listening to music while working or studying might not only improve your concentration but it can also decrease your stress level at the same time.

  • Former member of Korean boy band faces charges for gambling in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas

    A former member of a popular K-pop band and a record label CEO are facing charges for allegedly partaking in and receiving money from gambling overseas – an offence under South Korean law.

  • Heavy metal and hard partying

    Many heavy metal musicians may like to play up their personas as devil worshippers that are rebelling against Christendom, but in reality most will spend more time gambling than making Satanic pacts and biting the heads off bats.

  • GTA Online are now bigger than at any time since launch

    GTA V Casino

    Gaming fans will be disappointed to hear that GTA (Grand Theft Auto) V remains as popular a title as ever, meaning that a sixth edition of the game is unlikely to be making an appearance anytime soon.