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  • Why We Shouldn’t Forget Vinyl


    From their evolution from the fragile, cumbersome phonograph cylinders that Edison popularised back in 1877 through to flat, grooved disks we’ve come to know and love, vinyl has something of a special place in our collective hearts.

  • Whitey Slams TV Production Co Betty for Asking to Use His Music for Free


    Television production company Betty may have got more than they bargained for when they attempted to convince independent musician Whitey to let them use his music for free on one of their shows.

  • How the PC and Music Software Has Made a Home Studio Available to All


    Just 30 years ago, the idea of having a music studio at your home was a mere dream for all but already successful artists and producers, with even a relatively basic setup costing thousands, but the home computer and music software changed all that for good.

  • Where to Find Piano Lessons Online


    Learning to play the ivories is a useful skill for any musician whether their future aims are to play a new Steinway in a concert hall, or just quick a way to get the tune out of your head and recorded onto a computer by way of a keyboard.

  • How Safe Is Downloaded Software?

    Magix Sampletude Silver (SoundCloud Edition)

    Whether you are looking for a music sequencer to quickly re-arrange your latest recordings, or an image editor to sharpen up your photos, all can be found on the web for free. But how safe is installing this software?