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  • Improve your prospects in the music business with these interesting ideas

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    You have to do as much as you can to make sure you improve and enhance your business prospects.

  • 8 apps every DJ and producer should have

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    If you spoke to anyone within the industry a decade ago they would have laughed at your for trying to produce anything outside of a music studio, but with the launch of Apple’s ever-successful and easy-to-use GarageBand, a whole new wave of people started trying their hand at producing and DJing.

  • Have a bit of fun with some online music games

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    We’ve ran numerous articles on this site explaining the virtues of learning a musical instrument and where to find the best resources to do so, but it is always important to remember is that music should be fun.

  • AI in the music industry

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    It remains up for debate whether computers are capable of creativity, but that has not stopped artificial intelligence pioneers from around the world attempting to implement the technology across the creative sphere, from art to music.

  • Is there a formula for music industry success?

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    Whether you are a musician looking to find their audience, or a business-orientated music fan who wants to start their own record label, or a promoter who wants to bring the best bands to their town, success can mean very different things.