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Adobe Audition 3Adobe Audition began life as the “Cool Edit” audio editor, but has since gained multi-track possibilities and a midi editor, which has brought it to life as a fully fledged sequencer. Audio can be time-stretched to fit your piece, and users can use a variety of VST and DX plug-ins to transform that audio in any direction they can imagine. Users can also make use of VST plugin instruments with the midi support, as you would in any modern sequencer on the market.

Audition 3.0 is starting to show its age now when compared to other high-end sequencers, with its original release back in 2008, but it was recently made available as a free download from Adobe with the rest of CS2, which can be installed with the serial number 1137-1004-8571-6848-7845-8029.

Audition, 3.9 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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