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What Are the Must Have Accessories for a Home Studio?

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Any budding musician or music enthusiast will dream of the day they can own their very own home studio. Years ago a home studio was out of many peoples reach, but with the advances in technology and cheaper price points, a home studio is a lot more affordable. Depending on the music you want to create, you will have a different studio setup. One thing that is consistent in all music studios is accessories. Below are some of the most popular and essential accessories every home studio needs.

It would be fair to say that there aren’t many home studios around these days that don’t use some kind of music software. This is the backbone to many good home studio setups. There are many different options available to suit all budgets. You don’t have to be a professional to start recording music. There are some great software packages out there that are purely focused for beginners; this therefore means anyone can give it go. You can also find an abundance of tutorials and advice online to allow you to get to grips with it all. There is then obviously the more technical and professional software that the more advanced music producers will use. Software such as Ableton Live and Steinberg Cubase are more expensive then the budget software, but they will allow you to access more features giving you an increased chance of producing a high quality production.

One crucial element to allow you to keep producing long into the night without disturbing the neighbours is a pair of headphones. Having a good quality pair of headphones such as the Goldring NS1000 available from Superfi is a home studio must have purchase. Having features such as noise cancelation allows you to fully concentrate on your music without been disturbed by surrounding sounds. Quality headphones allow you to have clear and crisp sound directly to your ears; this will heighten your playback experience allowing you to clearing hear any imperfections in the track. No studio whether it be at home or the Abbey Road studio would be complete without a set of headphones. You can find headphones and other home studio accessories at OneCall

Headphones are great but there is nothing like hearing your own creation booming out of some quality monitor speakers. A good set of speakers can have a considerable effect on the quality of your mixes. Playing back an accurate representation of a track allows you to hear for imperfections and add effects or adjust levels accordingly. There are many different speakers available on the market such as the Roth OLI POWA5 available from Superfi to choose from. Having good quality speakers is a very crucial part of a studio setup. This is definitely one thing you shouldn’t scrimp on, you might pay a little more than you wanted to, but at the end of the day they are an investment for your future music career.

A studio can consist of many different things; these accessories featured are some of the most important. It doesn’t matter how expensive your studio is or what equipment you use, all that matters is you have fun creating your very own masterpiece.

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