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  • Music Blog Aggregator to Close, one of the first websites that brought music blogging into the mainstream by aggregating content from the best bloggers around the world and making it easier than ever before to find your new favourite band, has announced that it will be closing its doors

  • Microsoft’s Surface 2 “Blades” Bring Music-focused Hardware to Tablets

    Microsoft Surface Blades - Remix Project

    Microsoft have announced musician-focused hardware “blades” for better control of music software on the upcoming Surface 2 tablet.

  • to Trial Paywall

    The last couple of years have seen a few major newspapers and magazines move towards a paywall model, as digital advertising rates continue their slow decline, and has become the latest to announce just such a trial.

  • How to Keep Track of Your Favourite Band’s Upcoming Gigs

    Clock Operation

    For the truly committed fanboys and girls, then they are watching the official websites, forums, and checking social media religiously to make sure they are first in line. But for the rest of us the web offers a variety of options.

  • A Guide to Buying Pre-Owned Musical Instruments


    Musical instruments from pianos to saxophones are expensive due to the love and labour put into making them, nevermind the parts themselves. Whilst we’d all love to be able to just walk into a music shop and buy a new Steinway or Les Paul whenever we want to, you can save yourself a bundle by buying second hand.