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  • So Quiet It Can Cause Hallucinations?

    Orfield Labs' Silence Chamber

    We’ve all been in rehearsal rooms and recording studios where we wished the noise cancelling was just a little bit better, where all outside sounds are completely removed – even that police siren going past. But it appears that there is such a thing as a place being too quiet. Orfield Laboratories‘ “anechoic chamber” in […]

  • The biggest musician gamblers in the world

    Mixing desk

    It’s no secret that celebrities love to spend money and the list of famous musicians who collect classic cars, or own several luxury homes, is endless. A number of artists are also known for their love of gambling, whether it’s in casinos, or at poker tournaments. Both male and female celebrities in the music world […]

  • Three ways to take your love of music into the workplace

    music = life

    Music makes the workplace better

  • Five great songs to listen to whilst performing DIY

    Music can make even the most mundane task a lot more tolerable and maybe even a lot more fun. So when it comes to remodeling your home, consider listening to some of your favorite music to help you get through all of the hard work that’s involved with transforming your home.

  • Three famous musicians behind some of the best loved games


    When we think of musicians, most people imagine rock stars on stage, or possibly session musicians working behind the scenes, but in today’s digital world a number of musicians and composers make their living from writing scores for games.