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  • Mix a pop song – 7f – Creating Mix Room

    This is really something that came out of the “Tamla Motown” mixing scene, when people first realised that EQ was just as much a creative tool as a technical one. I’m not a big fan of this, even though I know that other people use it a lot. The idea behind “creating mix room” is […]

  • Mix a pop song – 7e – Distance Placement

    When it comes to distance placement (and the other two subtle effects in this article – creating mix room, and auto mix levelling) we are now getting into the realm of subtle equalisation that is rarely documented – but yet frequently used – by sound engineers. You may have tried to create positioning and distance […]

  • Mix a pop song – 7d – Bong, Boff, and Sizzle

    I’m so sorry – I couldn’t find a better title for this section – which is a great shame because it is actually critically important, so I’d better explain myself pretty quickly. I should point out that the previous section regarding “sound enhancement” by EQ, is really discussing the subject from the point of view […]

  • Mix a pop song – 7c – Sound Enhancement

    EQ can also be used to ‘boost’ or ‘cut’ certain frequencies to enhance the sound. Most musical instrument sounds can be described as containing the following (in order): * Sub harmonics (low bass components) * Fundamental note range * Upper harmonics * High harmonics When using EQ for general “enhancement” of the sound, you are […]

  • Mix a pop song – 7b – Harmonic Dampening

    The characteristic sound of a snare drum going “doink” is enough to make any engineer feel queasy and go green. It is probably the most often encountered problem when recording or mixing a real drum kit. The real solution of course, is to make sure that you have a drum kit that doesn’t go “doink!” […]