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  • Kanye West caught searching Pirate Bay for VST plugin torrents

    Kanye West has managed to embroil himself in more controversy today after he posted an image to Twitter which shows him searching for keygens and cracked copies of VST plugins on the infamous torrent website Pirate Bay.

  • NAMM 2012: Wave Machine Labs’ Auria DAW For iPad

    Wave Machine Labs - Auria

    At this point, tablets (almost entirely iPads) are seen as tools to work with alongside a DAW as a touchscreen interface, or for laying down some simple song structures when on the move. But with the launch of Wave Machine Labs’ Auria, we’ve got a full 48-track DAW right there with full support for VST […]

  • Guitar Amp/Effect Modelling VST Plugins Round Up


    For the last decade or more, software creators have tried to replicate the sounds of the real instruments that people have learned to love over the years, such as the sound of a PRS guitar plugged into and Orange valve amp – and we have come a long way. Leading music software developers Native Instruments […]