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  • Mix a pop song – 1 – Familiarisation

    Familiarise yourself with your setup and the tools needed to start mixing. Connect a short reverb onto an aux send, and a long reverb onto another. That’s all you need for now. Play back the song. Loop it, preferably, so you don’t keep having to rewind and press play each time. Now throw up all […]

  • Mix a pop song – 0 – Starting Point

    This article is written with the assumption that this isn’t just a mix you’ll throw together, but something you are going to spend serious time over – i.e. several hours – and the intention is to get a world-class result by intention, rather than by accident. I’m assuming here, that you have in your possession […]

  • How To Mix A Pop Song From Scratch

    Mixing Desk

    This series is a rough guide on how to go about mixing a pop record from scratch. Many people don’t seem to know where to start, so hopefully this series of articles will give some guidance.

  • Digital Audio – Hearing Is Believing

    The following is a discussion that started between me and a friend in a pub in January 2000. It follows on from some very pertinent discussion on the Internet about how “Digital Level Meters” tend to take responsibility away from peoples ears – with disastrous results, and how in the early days of Digital Audio, many of us embraced the early technology because we were “told” it was better. But deep in the back of our minds, we had our suspicions…

  • Recording Levels – The Real Truth!

    Often people ask questions like “What level should I record tracks at?” or “What level should I record my mixes at?”. The standard answer that comes back is: “Always record so that your maximum level is just below digital “zero” at the top of the meter.” This well meaning advice is – unfortunately – completely wrong. Why? Well, that’s the subject of this short article.