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Tuareg Fat

Product Tuareg Fat
Version 1.5

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Tuareg FatTuareg a sequencer/loop-composer/remixer that creates tracks out of the loops, samples and short sounds you feed it. It is simple to use, and has a very user friendly interface, with a built-in drumcomputer, sample sequencer, and loads of of creative ways to mangle beats and samples, along with a WAV export feature.

You can install and use Tuareg Fat with the following key (case-sensitive):
Username: BRAMBOS
Registration key: riOErtdtHT

Tuareg Fat, 3.2 out of 5 based on 18 ratings

One Response to “Tuareg Fat”

  1. Gary Hoffmeister says:

    where can I download Tu2 please?