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VJay Brings Video Mash-Ups To The iPad

VJayAfter creating one of the best mixing and DJ apps for iOS in DJay, Algoriddim are back with a new app for the iPad that lets you not only mix audio but brings video into the fray with VJay. User can mash together music from their collection as well as microphone recordings along with videos on their iPads from TV shows to camera recordings to create a full audio/visual experience. With various looping tools and transition effects built in, VJay offers users new ways to be creative on their tablet.

The mash-ups can be displayed live through a connected TV or wirelessly through an AppleTV, or they can be recorded for sharing with friends or playing back later.

The only thing you have to worry about now is the issue of copyright, because I don’t imagine either the record companies or TV studios will be too keen on people sharing mash-ups of their content, but only time will tell.

Download VJay here

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