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NFL looks to engage fans across music streaming platforms


The National Football League (NFL) is launching official accounts on a variety of music streaming platforms as part of its efforts to expand audience outreach online.

American football fans will soon be able to follow the NFL on Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, Tidal, and TuneIn and stay up-to-date with expanded content surrounding the sport. Fans will be able to year from the sport’s biggest stars from years gone by, including Joe Namath and John Elway, as well as interviews with current favourites in a series of exclusive interviews and roundtable discussions. The league hopes its new audio content will keep mega-fans engaged, but also convert the casual football fan and the huge number of fantasy league online gamblers into more committed fans.

The league plans to make the audio available both in streaming and downloadable podcast formats, and services that support video will let fans click here to watch highlights from classic NFL games throughout the decades as well as some top picks from this year’s best contests.

Current and former players will also be tasked with curating some of their favourite music so fans can better get into the minds of their favourite players both for gym workouts, pre-game hype-ups, and post-game relaxing.

The league will also produce a “Songs of the Season” selection of tracks. Currently, the NFL’s profile on Spotify consists of just a single song entitled “What Would A Champion Do?” by 19-year-old New York artist Sash, which will be played during game broadcasts for the next few weeks. These Songs of the Season will be updated every month throughout the season, and all proceeds from them will support Inspire Change grant recipients as part of the league’s commitment to social justice reform.

Teams from a variety of different sports have already embraced digital platforms such as Spotify and YouTube to try and keep their fans engaged, but the NFL is the first major US league to embrace the idea in such a major way. If the podcasts and streams are a success, you can expect many other leagues to follow from the NBA and NHL in the US to the Premier League in the UK.

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