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Indie Bible 2013

Indie Bible Bundle

The internet has opened many doors in the world of music, and it is a better time than ever to be a DIY band or musician and get your music heard around the world. But it is a pretty tough job to work out where to start with these endless possibilities, and this is where the Indie Bible comes in.

It is certainly possible to learn much of what is in those pages from a good few days or weeks with Google as your friend, and a real desire to work away in front of a screen all night to find the right blogs, and labels for your music, or to work out the best and cheapest way to get your music onto iTunes or Spotify and where to look to venues to play. This information is available online, but it is spread across so many different websites and services, with such different styles and quality guidelines, that doing the research can be a depressing task.

The Indie Bible brings together huge lists of contacts for everything from bloggers, to magazine writers, to radio DJs and promoters, to management, labels, and distributors. Having the contact details of all these in one place for easy access makes life a lot easier when you;re just starting out and are looking for some help in picking who to reach out to. Impersonal emails and mailshots tend to get ignored, so your time is much better spent finding the right people from these exhaustive lists, than just trying to contact everyone – and the sections make this pretty easy.

As well as these lists, there is also a number of fantastic articles covering everything from getting radio airplay, to marketing and promotion, to the legal aspects, as well as other parts of the industry. These are written by people who have spent their lives in the music world, and they are extremely useful in getting yourself over that first hurdle and getting started on the road to being a DIY musician, or even approaching labels and more traditional routes to success. Once you’ve had a read through, you should know the basics of where you stand, what you have to do, and a rough guide of what you need to do yourself. After that it is down to having the songs and putting the hard graft in.

Now with all that praise out of the way, there are certainly a few things that I would change. The first and foremost, is that whilst the articles work well as a PDF download, the listings do work better as a searchable directory. The Indie Bible do have a directory behind a paywall with this information, but I found the site pretty clunky to use. Similarly, some of the graphics are a little basic and make the guide feel a little budget, even when in reality the information you are getting is very cheap at the price.

As far as I’m concerned, the information contained in these guides are well worth the money as your first tentative steps into the music industry, but the packaging could do with a serious update.

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