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eJay Looking to Relaunch on Touchscreen Devices

eJay Pure

For many computer musicians today, their first attempts at creating music on a computer was through the popular eJay music software. First launching in 1996, eJay gave PC users an easy drag and drop interface and a wide selection of samples, beats, riffs, and effects at a time before MacBooks were as common on stage as drum kits. It’s ease of use made many start to look at the home computer as a piece of recording equipment and move up into the more complex sequencers of Steinberg’s Cubase and Emagic’s Logic.

How we interact with computers and make use of them in the musical landscape has changed vastly in the intervening years. Many people now using tablets such as the iPad for making music, and often even just smartphones like the iPhone, and eJay are looking to relaunch their brand simple music creation tools on these touch devices through a Kickstarter campaign.

The upcoming eJay pure will be available for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android, with the campaign already having raised £26,000 at the time of writing. They’ve brought much of the original eJay development team back together, and are even giving away 100 free samples for every £10,000 they raise, and as with every Kickstarter campaign, no-one pays anything unless the full amount is raised and the project can progress.

If your interested to see how eJay will compete in the increasingly competitive landscape of music apps, then head over to their KickStarter.

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