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The biggest musician gamblers in the world

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It’s no secret that celebrities love to spend money and the list of famous musicians who collect classic cars, or own several luxury homes, is endless. A number of artists are also known for their love of gambling, whether it’s in casinos, or at poker tournaments.

Both male and female celebrities in the music world are known for their love of casinos, whether it’s as a casual player, or a professional in poker tournaments.

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In the meantime, read on to find out who the world’s biggest musician gamblers are and how they’re spending their earnings.

Gladys Knight

Famous for her group, Gladys Knight and the Pips, the singer, who went on to record a Bond theme, Licence to Kill, in 1989, started gambling when she lived in Reno and Las Vegas. When she started frequenting the casinos in Nevada, she began playing baccarat – and once spent up to $40,000 in one night on the game.


St Louis born rapper Nelly is as famous for his poker playing as he is for his powerful lyrics and voice. He’s renowned as a quiet and methodical poker player who calculates every move. He has even travelled the world poker circuit, including playing at a major live poker event in Monte Carlo. He has also played in Las Vegas and has taken part in several World Series of Poker events.

Scott Ian

Scott Ian, guitarist with thrash metal band Anthrax, was an occasional poker player in the 1980s, playing as an amateur in the USA. Now, he has become a celebrity poker player, winning the VH1 charity tournament to secure his place in the famous Aruba Poker Classic. After meeting one of the world’s top poker players, Phil Hellmuth, Scott spent his time at the Aruba tournament taking in as much poker information as possible. Now he can be found taking part in all kinds of poker events.

Shannon Elizabeth

The actress and pop singer is now a poker professional. After finding fame in the film, American Pie, she later went on to star in Hallmark’s Catch a Christmas Star, where she enjoyed a new career as a pop singer. Away from her life in the entertainment business, she plays poker regularly, describing it as her “second career”.


The late frontman of rock band Motorhead was a keen gambler who loved playing the slots, and it’s not surprising that one of Motorhead’s best-known hits was Ace Of Spades. Born Ian Kilmister, bass player Lemmy played the “one-armed bandits”, particularly in London after the band had played a gig there.

While the wealth of celebrities in the music industry enables them to wager larger amounts, you can still enjoy the online casino experience, not only for the chance to win money, but also for the overall experience that they offer.

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