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AudioMelody is now a well established resource for the e-musician. It provides a starting block for many aspiring musicians, as well as a resource for many music fans. We review freeware and shareware music/audio applications for the PC, and rate them on various aspects, as well as write articles and tutorials with which aspiring musicians can improve their talents, and receive over 100,000 page views per month.

AudioMelody gets about 160,000 page views per month, with each visitor viewing over 5 pages on average. AudioMelody works predominantly on a CPM (Cost per thousand) basis, but will accept CPC schemes in specail circumstances. You are able to advertise on AudioMelody in the following ways:

  • Sponsorship which allows a single advertisement from one company/organisation to be shown on every page in the form of a 120×60 button advertisement. This advertsiement can be in any number of formats including GIF, JPG, SWF or other richmedia formats
  • Banner Advertising for either standard full banners (468×60) or skyscraper banners (120×600) both of which support GIF, JPG and rich media banners and are shown on every page

If you are interested in advertising on AudioMelody, then please get in contact and a member of the team will personally send you any more information that you may require including pricing and delivery options.

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