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Date archive for 2016

  • What is Foley?

    Mixing Desk

    Have you ever wondered how in film scenes you can hear the dialogue so clearly, while the background sounds add texture to quieter moments? That is thanks to the techniques developed by Jack Foley – known as Foley effects.

  • Beyond sales and streams: alternative sources of revenue for bands and artists

    Download sales are declining and streaming fees remain very low – so what other avenues do bands have to generate revenue?

  • How to land your perfect job in the music industry

    Music tech

    So you are interested in a career in the music industry? While it’s great that you are focused and have an idea of where you are going, the music industry can be tough to get into. But there are some things that you can do to stand out from all of the other applicants. Read […]

  • Free new and classical holiday music scores for teachers and students

    Musical score

    Every private music instructor faces the same predicament this time every year. It’s the holiday season, and everyone wants their young students to have music prepared for family gatherings during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • How To Get Music Bloggers To Listen

    Get your music heard by bloggers

    Over the past decade music blogs have grown up from being a place where only a handful of geeky music nerds talked about their favourites records into a wealth of different blogs catering to every conceivable sub-genre you can think of. Music blogging has been a revolution in the music industry as whereas once bands […]