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Date archive for 2013

  • How to Keep Track of Your Favourite Band’s Upcoming Gigs

    Clock Operation

    For the truly committed fanboys and girls, then they are watching the official websites, forums, and checking social media religiously to make sure they are first in line. But for the rest of us the web offers a variety of options.

  • An App For Beginner DJs

    Native Instruments Traktor DJ app

    Making good sound mixes is a talent, and it takes some time (and a natural ear for the sounds) to learn how to do it successfully. But these days, there are plenty of tools that make it just a bit easier.

  • What Are the Must Have Accessories for a Home Studio?

    Years ago a home studio was out of many peoples reach, but with the advances in technology and cheaper price points, a home studio is a lot more affordable.

  • A Guide to Buying Pre-Owned Musical Instruments


    Musical instruments from pianos to saxophones are expensive due to the love and labour put into making them, nevermind the parts themselves. Whilst we’d all love to be able to just walk into a music shop and buy a new Steinway or Les Paul whenever we want to, you can save yourself a bundle by buying second hand.

  • Indie Bible 2013

    Indie Bible Bundle

    The internet has opened many doors in the world of music, and it is a better time than ever to be a DIY band or musician and get your music heard around the world. But it is a pretty tough job to work out where to start with these endless possibilities, and this is where the Indie Bible comes in.