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Date archive for 2011

  • Guitar Amp/Effect Modelling VST Plugins Round Up


    For the last decade or more, software creators have tried to replicate the sounds of the real instruments that people have learned to love over the years, such as the sound of a PRS guitar plugged into and Orange valve amp – and we have come a long way. Leading music software developers Native Instruments […]

  • Future Loops Is Having A Sale

    Future Loops

    Future Loops is celebrating the 3rd Anniversary with a special sample package to kick off the festivities. They are offering 16 DVDs of samples – all their original and best-selling sample packs for €99.95 (that’s about an 85% saving). Grab them over at Future Loops.

  • AudioMelody Relaunched

    AudioMelody, one of the longest running music production websites having run since 1999, has been relaunched with a new focus and new technology behind the scenes. We are going through our software catalogue application by application to make sure we only offer the best and most up-to-date programs to help you make music. So far […]

  • How To Use A Compressor

    Most effects processors are fairly simple to use; plug in an equaliser (for example), twiddle the controls, and listen to the output, and you pretty much know what you’re doing, and all you need is some experience behind you. Compressors don’t fall into this category. Plug them in and listen. What’s it doing? Unless someone has told you, then you probably won’t know. Play with the controls. What do they do? Don’t know either. What do the indicators mean? Difficult to tell. It’s all a bit frustrating really…

  • Recording Studio Theory

    A quick, basic rough and ready guide to recording studio theory by a professional sound studio engineer